A few years ago, when I turned 35 and couldn’t have been more thrilled to be alive and well. My husband had a sudden epiphany about his own age “man I’m almost 40.”

At the time he wast turning 37, so that was a bit of a stretch…but here we are and he’s 39.

But a 39 year old whose out crushing the mountain bike trails and running with me…and ok working too much. Which is why, I love getting him excited to head out with new fitness gifts (it’s just like getting new running shoes for me!)

Part of our current lives is enjoying every outdoorsy, nook, cranny and crag that Colorado has to offer. This mens fitness gift guide is for those of you like me who have a man in your lives that may not need or ask for anything, but whom you sometimes just want to shower with goodies from small treats to splurges.
1. Asics Gel Nimbus Running Shoe
Consistently rated as one of the best men’s shoes, it’s great for the guy who might be thinking about running or more like David has worn his shoes to a nub.

2. Yakima Tray Style Rack
The new SUV needed a rack so we could stop throwing the bike in the back and this one wins the day. David did a ton of research and while this rack is more than others, it ensures that our bikes aren’t banging in to each other, it’s stable and feels secure for long hauls to new trails.

3. Injinji Trail Socks
Turns out David and I are both very picky sock people. I can’t abide any seams along my toes and he can’t stand socks that let pebbles in while he’s on the trails. He’s also discovered that these toe socks help to prevent blisters by putting a little more cushion between each toe.

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4. Buff
When you’re on the trails, anything that does double duty is a lifesaver. This Buff can be worn under helmets to prevent sunburn, around the face when wind kicks up and a perennial favorite as a washable Kleenex. Makes for a great stocking stuffer and I like that you can get it in basically any color or pattern.

5. Ultimate Direction AK Mountain Vest
This vest doesn’t initially come with a hydration bladder, but any UD bladder works so after adding that it’s made for a great day hiking pack. Just enough room for a couple layers, the iPhone for Instagram sharing, Kind bars, Perky jerky and the above noted Buff! We don’t yet have hiking poles, but this also has good holders for poles or ice picks for you more adventurous types.  For those who care, I’m loving the Adventure Vesta.

6. Pearl Izumi Seek IIV Cycling Shoes
For mountain bikers these are absolutely the best shoes! The clips are level with the bottom of the shoe, making it easy to walk around in these unlike a regular road cycling shoe. David also isn’t the spandex wearing rider, so this is more in line with his personal style while still having all the function of being lightweight, comfortable and breathable.

7. Bryton Rider 330
Easily mounting to the handle bars this cyclometer doesn’t just show distance, it also allows you to import a map for navigation!!! Since David is still learning the trails out here, we have a lot of hour long detours where I’m running around wondering where he’s at…no more! Data can also be quickly synced to Strava for keeping track of rides and of course a little competition. His favorite feature I was informed at the moment is seeing the elevation, then he knows how much further he has to ride up before he gets to tear down!Fitness Gift Ideas for Guys
Not pictured above, but also in his birthday and Christmas gift list.

Dove Men’s Care Face Lotion
This is the only way I’ve ever gotten him to consistently wear sunscreen! It’s already in his lotion, which isn’t too heavy and is made for men so he’s happy to use it!

Coola Spray Sunscreen
Add to that he’s never going to rub on lotion, but seems totally fine with spraying on sunscreen and so he remains stocked up in this at all times. We forget just how long we’re exposed on those long trail days. He goes unscented, but I’m all about the mango.

Do you put a lot of thought in to gifts? Do you feel like we’re harder to buy for as we age?

I say experiences are a top notch gift, but in this case he needs the goodies to have the experiences!

How do you decide what gifts to give?

Do you think it’s hard buying things the older we get?

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This is not a sponsored post, though many items were provided for testing.

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