Whether you have a runner like me who spent part of last year overcoming an injury and doing our best not to whine about the lack of endorphins, or simply know that they want to get stronger to run faster, or maybe you need gifts for runners who have everything, this is the gift list for you!

I’ve talked all about the best gifts for new runners, which covers the watches and gear…this is about thinking outside the box and helping us to keep doing what we love longer!

Unique Gifts for Runners

I started running because it was cheap. 16 years ago any old pair of shoes and cotton shirt would get me out the door, but as with any hobby the longer you go the more you get excited about the new toys, gadgets and gizmos. These are the things we might put off buying because we know our standard gear already adds up.
Whether your runner is considering their first triathlon next year or simply needs to do more cross training they’ll certainly appreciate being spoiled these gifts. (all product names linked)

TRX Suspension Trainer ($150)
This is such a fantastic at home strength training tool because it can be used in a HUGE variety of ways and the body weight aspect often appeals more to runners than spending hours hefting weights. I love that I have been able to take this with us each time we’ve moved, again without having a whole set of dumbbells to worry about.

Milestones Sports Bangle Bracelet ($40 -50)
Just because we’re athletes doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy feeling a little girlie sometimes…and yet of course even our jewelry can speak to our personality! I am loving these bangle bracelets which can be customized for the half marathon to the marathon, Disney runs and so forth.

Mini Resistance Bands ($10)
These bands have become the darlings of Instagram workouts this year, but for some reason are oddly hard to find! Be the superhero who shows up with a pack that has a variety of resistance levels which can be used to strengthen our glutes, IT Band and so much more! Especially great for the runner who is always on the go!

Gamin Grippy Socks ($12)
One of the workouts I’ve fallen in love with this year is Pilates. While those classes might not be cheap, one piece of gear is…the socks! Feel free to add these to our stocking along with a gift certificate to a local yoga or Pilates studio, which will keep us working those hips for injury prevention!

Acupressure Mat ($29)
One of the things that all runners need is a reminder to SLOW down, but just telling us to do that rarely works. Instead giving us a gift that is going to help us become a better runner by releasing muscle tension, helping with pain and giving us an energy boost.

While I am a huge fan of massage and acupuncture, sometimes you need to just take care of things at home and this is a nice addition to using the foam roller.

The pressure points hit through the weight of your body are reported to help reset nerve path ways, to clear blocks and reduce pain. You can absolutely bet I have one of these on my PLEASE get me this list.

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100% Waterproof Armband ($49)
Yup you read that right, now they can take their iPhone in the pool securely for training! Turn on the apps to track distance or turn on some tunes and let it rip or just feel safe heading out in to the open water because you’ve got a tracking device on you! The Armpocket is super comfortable to wear (I use it running!) and this one floats, so no worries about losing it if you pull it off accidentally.

Bonus points if you throw in these waterproof earbuds. Their only $19 which is insanely cheap and while I haven’t tested them out myself, but they have overall good reviews for the price point.

TYR Swim Cap ($8)
Also for the head, but this time way more fun! If we have to cover up our hair for protection, streamlining and all that jazz we might as well have fun doing it and I think this cap suffices. If you’ve got an injured runner, they may very well be spending more time in the pool, so this is a great way to help them stay positive.

SportCount Swim Lap Counter ($36)
Awesome for swim workouts where you constantly lose track of what lap you are on! Slips right over the finger and can easily be pressed as you flawless execute another flip turn. This particular model also lets you track things like fastest and slowest laps, there is a cheaper version that does laps only.

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Garmin 935 ($524triathlon bundle)
I often talk about wearing this watch for running, but truly it shines when being used for cross training. I have the bike sensor on my bike so it picks up RPM which allows me to practice going at 90RPM to mimic the number of foot falls per minute we want when running.

And of course it is totally water proof, so you can head out in the pool or ocean with it tracking distance. A number of studies have found this GPS watch to be the most accurate.

Torch Bicycle Helmet ($160)
HOLY COW this helmet actually has built in front and back lights!! Talk about ensuring rider safety, I love it! They come in a few different colors and yes they are spendy, but your brain is worth the price tag. No more futzing with headlamps or forgetting to pull it out, this way they’re always safe!

Bike Book or iPad Caddy ($19)
When the weather drives a biker inside this can save the day! First you can put books on it to read OR you can put something like the waterproof Sony tablet on there to watch tv, stream videos etc. Passing hours on the bike goes much quicker this way.

They do have iPad specific one’s but this is cheaper and more versatile! I know a number of people who have studied for exams while biking and I love that idea! Wish I’d have known about this in college.

What else would be on your creative gifts wishlist?

I really do love coming up with new and creative ways to thank my friends and family. Sometimes it is with experiences like “hey I registered us for a race together” and sometimes it’s thinking outside the box on gifts they might never ask for but truly use.

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