For a lot of us Type-A personalities out there we struggle to find our off-switch. Personally, some days I feel like my off-switch has bee totally fried. And whilst we can all appreciate the importance of chilling out, sometimes it’s a little harder to achieve than you would think. Relaxing to us is pretty much the equivalent of someone speaking to us in a foreign language.

So here’s to the worriers that are constantly questioning and fretting over the little things. Between you and I, we know who would best survive the apocalypse.


  1. You’ve tried meditating and you lasted 10 seconds

  2. You’ve also tried yoga but that didn’t work out

  3. You powerwalk…. Everywhere

  4. You’ve planned out your meals at least 2 weeks in advance

  5. You wake up to your first alarm (or even before)

  6. Your happy place involves seeing your inbox at zero (then you feel lost and don’t know what to do with yourself)

  7. Matching Tupperware is your best friend

    10 signs you are terrible at relaxing

  8. Your closet is folded according to the KonMari method

  9. And if you haven’t heard of the KonMari method you are googling it right now

    10 signs you are terrible at relaxing

    Credit: Goop


  10. Plus you have now scheduled in some time to re-organise your closet


Do you struggle sometimes with your chill meter? Let us know if this blog post has you screaming yes me!

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