Not only are these Apricot Almond Oatmeal Scones absolutely delicious, they’re also super good for you. And contrary to what you may think, they really don’t take that long at all to make, either! They’re perfect for breakfast, or for a quick snack!

I always thought that scones were stupendously hard, and that they took forever, to make. HA! Not anymore! In fact, scones are incredibly easy to make! A bit messy, maybe, but super easy nonetheless…

All you need to do is mix a bunch of ingredients together with your hands, have them bind into a dough, form said dough into a disc, score disc with a knife and bake! All this only takes minutes. I think what takes the longest really, is cleaning the kitchen after you’re done.

But seriously, the only key rules to follow when making scones is to use cold fat (in this case, coconut oil) and to not over-knead the dough; only knead it until it barely comes together.  Do this and you will be rewarded with crazy soft, tender and crumbly bites of pure heaven! Yes, even if you use all whole wheat flour. Promise! Especially if you indulge right as they come out of the oven. OH! BLISS!

For this recipe, I chose to use apricots and almonds, but you could very well replace those with raisins, cranberries, currants, chopped dates, walnuts, pistachios, chocolate chips, or even fresh fruit such as blueberries, raspberries or diced apples…

Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and try all kinds of different combinations.  continue reading

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