I’ve been sporting Fabelitics since they first began and it is far and away the gear that I get the most comments on. I still have pieces that are a few years old which people want now!

But then you head to their site and I see the confusion set in…wait do I need a membership?

Here’s the deal – they want to make CUTE, QUALITY clothing that doesn’t cost half your paycheck. One of the ways to truly do that is knowing they can serve you repeatedly. It’s why they can offer prices that are so much better!

How does this whole thing work?

  1. You sign up as a VIP Member and get 50% off all prices and free shipping over $49.95 and points towards gear
  2. Every month you login in and shop the brand new styles
  3. That’s right you PICK, no pre-designed boxes with things you may or may not want. You decide if you need leggings, a sports bra, a top, shoes, whatever is on your list!
  4. OR you can go in and opt to skip a month! Maybe you’re traveling, maybe it’s the holidays, whatever you don’t have to get a box, but you still get the great prices.

Being a member you can get outfits for like $19 or 2 pairs of leggings for $24!  Basically the math says if you are someone who works out and wants cute gear, it’s cheaper to be a member than not.

Why I like it?

Long legs
Finding leggings that are long enough can be the bane of my existence, but not here! Both their casual outfits and workout have always worked on these stems!

Sports bra variety
Listen I’m not shy about saying I’m in the itty  bitty club, I don’t need massive pumped up bras and they offer that! But they also have the serious support providers in crazy cute colors and styles, which makes me happy knowing my friends can get what they want.

Constant Change
Every month there are new looks, which makes it way more fun to update your style than yet ANOTHER pair of black pants. Let’s be honest, you have wayyyy to many gray and black pieces. Color adds more fun to your outfit and guess what that totally translates in to your workouts. I’ve shared the science on it!

Staying on Top of Gear
How many times have you pulled on a shirt and thought “ok this is the last time I should wear this.” But then you finish, you wash it, you don’t have time to shop and well…you just keep wearing it.

Lasting Quality
I have pieces from Fabletics that I’ve been wearing for a few years now and they are still in good shape. I think that speaks to the quality of the gear!

Hope this helps with some of your questions!

Ready to get started? Go shopping >>>

This post does contain affiliate links, but all opinions are mine. You can see me strutting my stuff in my sweaty gear all over!

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