I cannot believe it’s been THREE weeks since I got myself back on track, and frankly since 2018 kicked off.

So, I’m a little excited to share with you how things are going.  So far, I’ve lost -5.3 lbs.  I’m super psyched about that.  There’s NOTHING better than putting a plan in place and having it work.  In reality, we all know it’s when you follow the plan that it works well.  When you cut corners, make exceptions, and make poor choices, that’s when you start to see things go awry.

How I’ve Been Eating

I’ve been mostly eating at home, which is fine.  I don’t love to dine out when I’m in the zone (which I feel like I am right now), because you don’t have the ability to control your meal as easily as you do at home.  All that sneaky oil and extra calories they add into just about everything do pile up.

I also survived my birthday without flying off track.  If I’m telling the whole truth, I did want a piece of cake, a piece of pie, or something like that… and it’s crossed my mind ever since.  There was no cake, no cookies, and no pie.  I have had a little Halo Top, which is always delish (especially the Peanut Butter Cup flavor.)

I feel like I’ve become a little bit of a Skinnytaste addict in the past few weeks.  Do you guys follow Gina?  She is HANDS down my favorite food blogger out there.  I have never made a recipe of hers that wasn’t exquisite.

Here’s a few that I’ve made this year (over the past three weeks!), if you’re looking for ideas.  Also, I’m notorious for making 1/2 a recipe so there’s just about 2 servings.  Then, I don’t get bored and not eat the leftovers.

Skinny Chicken Tikka Masala

The Best Enchilada Sauce

Turkey Chili Taco Soup

Crispy Togarashi Chicken with Cucumber Salsa

Beef, Tomato, and Acini de Pepe Soup

Giant Turkey Meatball Parmesan

Turkey Meatloaf

I’m meal planning more, and working hard to assure I’m eating all the fruits and veggies I buy each week.  So far, it’s going pretty well on the eating front.

How About Exercise?

Well, by now, you know I don’t love to exercise.  I don’t get jazzed for the latest workout craze, am a bit to friendly with my couch, and Orange Theory is way too scary for me to even think about.

Here’s something I love though…. spring days in Colorado that take place in January!  I’ve made it a point to get out and walk in the great outdoors for the past week.  I’ve gone three times to three different areas of town to walk, and I’ve really enjoyed it!  I know 3 is not 7, but bear with me here, y’all (and re-read the first sentence of this section.)  I’m proud of those 3 days, and who knows… I just might do it again.  Every little bit helps.

I’ve also started listening to a new radio show that I love!  I listened to Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius XM for like 10 years before that show got unexpectedly cancelled.  Taylor has taken her show on the road now and offers an amazing weekday morning show from 8-10a EST.  Her programming is available via replay, and my goal is to take Tay to the gym (or the great outdoors with me.)  It definitely makes the time pass more than music, and she makes me laugh.  Check out how to sign up to listen here.  (It’s $6.95 a month and you can cancel at any time.  I’ll tell you, you won’t want to cancel.  Love me some Taylor… )

What’s Next?

Travel – I’m traveling this week for the first time since I’ve gotten back on track.  This means, I’ll be leaving my little food prep bubble and will be required to make good decisions outside of the comfort of my own home.  Yes, yes… this is life, but I was doing so great!!!

I have a bit of a plan for the week.  I’m taking snack bars, picking up fruit when I see it, and plan to actually use my workout clothes that I’m packing (at least for the latter part of the week, when I’m on a good time zone.)

Please send good vibes that I will have good catered lunch choices in the meetings I’m attending this week.  The evening dinners and breakfast (BYOB), I can handle.  It’s those lunches that will be the problem.  Salads please.  I’d like salads… 

Wine –  Yep, when I’m on the road or out with friends, I love to have wine.  And, when it’s rosé, I hate to stop drinking it.  I love it too much (#truth).  I’m allowing myself a glass each evening with the guys on the road, but that’s it.  I’m spending the weekend with my friend Crystal, and we already have a plan lined up for healthy eating then (plus some wine.)  I’m sure she and I will be fine, and she loves to workout so I’m sure there are workout options in there I can take advantage of.

Missing My Weigh In Next Week –  So far, I’ve weighed in on Tuesdays.  I’ll be on the road Tuesday of this week and Tuesday of next week… so, I need to adjust.  My plan is to weigh in today (Monday), and then skip next week’s weigh in.  I mean, one week won’t kill me.  I also plan to get right back on track the Tuesday that follows.  I don’t want to lose momentum here.

When I fly, I retain A LOT of water.  I’m easily up 4 lbs the next day, and I don’t want to let that get in my head or discourage me in any way.  So, I’ll be shooting for a weigh in on 01/21 and then next on 02/06.

I also have another long business trip the week that follows, so I’m going to need to do my best to stay focused!  My life has a ton of travel in it.  So, I’m going to have to find a way…

A New Rewards Plan – Yes, I want rewards.  This time, I’ve got a total of 38 lbs to lose and some serious wins ahead of me.  I feel VERY confident this is the year I achieve this goal, and I want to reward myself.  I’ve got a short-list together, and I need to firm things up.  I’m thinking my first reward will be at 10 lbs, which is not so far away!

So, if you’ve been wondering… that’s how it’s going!  I’m also thrilled to be inspired to write here at NTTC a little bit more and share the process.  We’re all in this together, after all.

BTW… If you’re not following me on Instagram, please click here follow me there.  That’s where my most up-to-date details will be shared while I’m on the road.  xo

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